Photo Studio Rental Agreement

Release and Waiver


This Photo Studio Rental Release and Waiver sets out the terms of the arrangement between a photographer or renter and a photo studio.  This agreement sets out the amount of rental, any required deposit and the hours and length of studio rental use.  It also sets forth any equipment which is included or available for an additional fee and a waiver of liability clause.


It is important that this type of rental agreement be clearly set out in writing.  A written Photo Studio Rental Release and Waiver sets outthe rental terms and the studio's liability limitations in the event there are accidents or injuries while the studio is being rented. 


       Both parties should read the agreement carefully.

•       Insert all requested information in the spaces provided on the form.

           The parties should read the "Waiver of Liability " provision carefully.  If there are disagreements, they will likely focus on this provision. 

           This form contains the basic terms and language that should be included in similar agreements. 

          The photographer renting the studio must sign and date the agreement and release.

•       Both parties should retain either an original or copy of the signed document.

•       All legal documents should be kept in a safe location such as a fireproof safe or safe deposit box. 





Sign, Initial, and Fax or Email to


Client Contact Information

Name: _________________________  Company: _______________________

Address: ____________________ City _____________ Postal Code _________  

Phone: _________________________ Cell: ____________________________

Email: ___________________________ Fax: ____________________________

Booking Date: ____________________ Payment Method: ___________________

Booking Time: __________ to __________ Total Hours: ____________________


Rental Rates

Rates for Inkast Studio Rental are $50/hour. A 100% deposit is required to secure the dates and times requested. No dates will be held without a deposit. This includes a non-refundable booking fee if a cancellation or re-schedule request is not received within 7 days prior to booking date.

A $400 security deposit is required. Full payment for rental and security deposit is required before the reserved time by EMT, Credit Card, Debit Card or Cash. We cannot accept personal checks under any circumstances. Please arrange to have your payment ahead of time.

Security deposits will be refunded after a full inspection of the premises after the renter vacates, and will either be returned via EFT, Credit / Debit or a company check can be picked up at the studio, or mailed back to you within a day or two after your rental.

All applicable 13% HST Sales taxes are automatically charged.


Rental Hours

Rental hours are typically Mon – Fri 8am to 9pm Sat 9am to 9pm Sun 10am to 7pm. Hours required before or after these hours or on weekends will be billed at ***$60/hour.


Length of Use

Rental periods are pre-arranged with the Studio Manager. Time includes set-up and break-down. Studio must be cleaned and vacated by the end of the rental period.

No prior drop-off and/or pick-up after completion of shoot, of equipment, props, etc. unless negotiated at time of rental contract. Additional fees may apply.


Included Equipment

Your studio rental will include:

**2 Elinchrom 600W Strobes (with sync cord)

Seamless Papers $6 per foot (cutting fee)

1 – 6’ Octagonal Softbox

1 – 2’ Square Softbox

Additional Equipment Available for Fee:

_______ / Session - Pocket Wizard Plus – Transmitter & Receiver

______/ Session - Light Meter

______/ Session – 5' Reflector Disc (Black, White, Gold, Silver)

______/ Session - 2 / 150W Strobes (for backlight / Hair light)

______/ Session - 30” Digital Photo Box

______/ Session - Props (Benches, stools, white pillars, etc)

______/ Session – Each Muslin Backdrops (see website for choices)

______/ Session - Portable Reversible Backdrop (Blue/Brown)

______/ Session - Backdrop Stand

______/ Session - _______Camera (must supply CF Cards)

______/ Session - _______Flash


Damage / Cleanup

The renter will leave the studio clean and neat, just as they found it. Furniture should not be re-arranged during the rental period, collapsible chairs and tables put away, mess or debris left on counter tops and floor should be cleaned & all borrowed/rented equipment turned off and returned to appropriate place (with the exception of in-house seamless papers, backdrop stands and V Flats. If studio is left in subpar condition for the next renter, a minimum *$50 cleaning fee will be applied.


Renter also agrees that if any equipment, furniture, fixtures, etc. are mishandled, broken, ruined or stolen during their rental period, they will be responsible for replacing the items (with equivalent or better quality) or pay for repair / replacement costs within 48 hours.

All modeling lights and receivers are to be turned off when not in use. Any coolers/buckets/containers used must be protected with plastic or other non sweating material so as not to damage floors or otherwise damage floors.


Any items left after 48 hours will be assumed abandoned and may be discarded. Cancellation Deposits are not refunded unless notice of cancellation is made at least ***one week prior to your reserved date. A date change may be submitted without a fee if the cancellation or re-schedule request is received more than one week prior to booking date. A $90 cancellation fee is required for all cancellation requests received with less than 7 days notice prior to your booking date. 


Waiver of Liability

Inkast Studio rents its facility, including limited equipment, to its customers with the understanding that in no event shall Inkast Studio, its owners, agents, employees, affiliated independent contractors, management, bookers, or any other related personnel, the company and any of its subsidiaries be held liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential damage due to the use of this building, facility or equipment used by its customers.


You agree to release Inkast Studio, its owners, agents, employees, affiliated independent contractors, management, bookers, or any other related personnel, the company and any of its subsidiaries of any and all liability for any injuries whether physical or mental, while in participation of, working and/or shooting in the studios, or any other activity in conjunction with this space, or situations that you encounter while renting the studio space.


You agree not to sue or file suit against Inkast Studio, its owners, agents, employees, affiliated independent contractors, management, bookers, or any other related personnel, the company and any of its subsidiaries for claims arising out of said participations and/or photo shoots while in participation of, working and/or shooting in the studios.


You waive Inkast Studio of any liabilities arising out of the use of the studio. Inkast Studio will not be held liable for any injuries, accidents, loss or damage that occurs in the studio or on the building premises. It is your responsibility as the renter to carry liability insurance. We may require a copy of the renter’s certificate of insurance with Inkast Studio added as an additional insured with respect to operations of the named insured and added as a loss payee “as their interests may appear.” It must include a 30 day cancellation clause and proof of risk replacement cost.


Inkast Studio will only be liable for the amount of the rental fee if your shoot is delayed or cancelled as a result of a situation that arises in or on the building premises that is out of ***?our control. Inkast Studio expressly prohibits any illegal activity on its premises during the course of any rental.


You waive and hold harmless Inkast Studio from any incidents or accidents which may occur to or by persons either renting or associated with the renting of the photographic studio facilities located at 215 - 20 Leslie St, Toronto, ON M4M 3H9 on the date(s) noted, or any additional dates added later.


You agree to be solely responsible for the conduct and welfare of all persons accompanying you while on our premises.


You agree that someone representing Inkast Studio will be present in the building or studio at all times you are using it.


You agree that Inkast Studio is a Smoke Free / Scent Free facility, and you and all persons accompanying you, will refrain from the use of heavy perfumes, chemical cleaners or agents, or products which contain strong odors. Violation of this policy will result in an hourly charge of $50/hour for each hour the studio cannot be used while airing out, as well as any clean up costs. Smoking will be punishable by current provincial laws and fines.


Authorized Signature: ___________________________                    Date: _________________


Please initial and sign where indicated above, then email this form to to confirm your rental. 

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