20 Leslie St  Toronto ON M4M 3L4 |  Studio# 215  |  Buzz 1215 -or- 9215  

Parking is located on west side lot of the building or street parking is available on Mosley St

(647) 297-4800 | (647) 962-8283  |

Mon - Fri  9 AM to 9 PM  |  Sat 10 AM to 9 PM | Sundays 10 AM to 6 PM  


• If crew members need to load in earlier than 5 mins prior to booking time, kindly send a request to

• If crew or guests are running late, let us know if you require additional time, and we'll try our best to accommodate your request

• During winter months or rainy days, we have a 'no outdoor shoes policy' inside our space due to puddles left behind by snow & slush. Please inform your guests ahead of time, so they can pack indoor shoes

• Renters are required to pay $20 per additional attendee past the 8 count limit 


• Allow 20-40mins (depending on production) for tear down towards the end of your booking

• In-studio backdrops should be handled by studio staff. Please ask for assistance when you're ready to swap out seamless rolls.

• If damage is incurred to studio property or equipment, kindly advise studio staff prior to departure in case coverage or replacements are needed

• If more time is required and the studio is not booked after your allotted time-frame, ask studio staff if an extension may be arranged. Same day overtime requests are charged at $60/hr for stills and $80/hr for motion. 


• Since this is a professional working environment, we do not permit alcohol in the studio or anywhere on the building premises.

• Smoking is strictly prohibited in studio or on building facilities (this includes areas outside the building entrance). The building owner has requested for tenants to inform guests who must smoke to do so across the street or at least 10 meters away from any entrances.

• Any missing items or damages incurred to equipment, studio or studio belongings is solely the responsibility of the renter. The renter is required to cover costs for missing or damaged items prior to departure via cash, EMT or debit tap on square.

• Inkast Studio and Saichel Developments Inc. will not be held liable for incidents, accidents or injuries that occur anywhere in the building, or on the studio premises during your rental period.

• Additional cleaning fees automatically apply for shoots involving hair cutting, real flower arrangements, glitter, body art, sand or other elements that require extra time to clean ($50/hr).

• Items delivered before or left after a shoot, are strictly the responsibility of the client. Inkast Studio cannot assume any responsibility for loss or damage to items.

• Studio furniture such as the couch, round side table, vases or plants are not to be re-arranged or used as props unless a rental agreement is arranged.

• Coloured sprays and toxic aerosol sprays that need proper ventilation are strictly prohibited from being used inside the studio or anywhere on the building premises.

• No sexual activity of any kind is permitted on site. If warned once and it continues, your booking will be immediately terminated.

• Water or any other types of liquid element shoots are restricted in the studio and on the building premises.

• Fire elements, candles or anything that may cause a spark is not permitted anywhere in the studio.

• Animals of any kind are not permitted in studio or on the building premises.

• Age range for guests in studio are 0-1 or 7yrs old and up.


• Please note that there are no refunds for unused hours on the day of your booking as we’ve already blocked the time from our calendar. If you need to shorten your booking time frame, please do so within 7 days notice. All booking dates are transferable one time with no fee if 7 days notice is provided. Late reschedule requests (less than 7 days notice) are subject to a $120 cancellation / re-schedule fee. You may re-schedule within a 60-day time frame.

• Payments for all bookings are non-refundable.


Feel free to forward this link to all guests arriving on site